Taiwanese insult in legislature

NEWS ITEM: Then, Lee hurled verbal abuse at the good-looking female chairwoman of the Nat Youth Commission Ms. Cheng. He said, in Taiwanese,

“Though you
look beautiful, looking at the kind of woman (you are), ‘Your
Mother’s’ gets me upset.”

“Your Mother’s” is an obscene term in Taiwanese referring to her private parts.

The chairwoman asked for an apology. Mr Lee did not give her one.

QUESTION: how to say ''da mader" (I think ‘‘da mader’’ means c_nt?) in Taiwanese, how to write the entire sentence he spoke?

Ta ma de 他媽的
[ul][li]Ta ma de is not Taiwanese, it’s Mandarin. The Hokkien/Taiwanese equivalent is 你娘个 Li nia
[li]It doesn’t meant what you think. It’s a fairly mild swearword roughly eqivalent to “God damn(ed)” in America or “bloody” or “bloody hell” in Britain.[/li][/ul][quote]李嘉進在立院質詢時,對著青輔會鄭麗君主委說:「看到這種人他媽的就噁心!」[/quote]
Li Jiajin zai Liyuan zhixun shi, duizhe Qingfuhui Zheng Lijin Zhuwei shuo: “Kan dao zhe zhong ren ta ma de jiu exin!”

A better translation: “I feel sick at the very sight of such a person” or “The very sight of such a person is enough to make you sick.”

More (including the Hokkien bits):


不只批評鄭麗君「沒采妳生水水又年輕」,接著連三字經「看到這種人,他媽的,就噁心。」 還繼續「你丟臉加三級,可恥加三級。」
都脫口而出,鄭麗君不滿抗議,要求李嘉進道歉,場面相當火爆。 [/quote]
Source with more quotes

The swearer - Lee Chia-Chin (Li Jiajun) (KMT)

The swearee - Cheng Li-Chiun (Zheng Lijun)

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