Taiwanese Kavalan whiskey beats the Scots own

from the times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/scotland/article7000931.ece

I don’t like Whiskey, but what are your thoughts on this? Sandman’s I think i can guess!

Brilliant now lets make a quaint little movie about it.

The have a Kavalan shop right outside the Xindian MRT station. I’ve had tastes of several of their products. Not a bad drop, surprisingly. I never bothered asking how much it costs, though.

who drinks three year old whisky?

There’s a Kavalan outlet close to Mr. Sausage.

Perfect for Burns Night!!

Hey, I’ll drink it - I don’t care how old it is if it tastes good!

I’ve always seen it for 2100 or 2200 a bottle. Quite a plunge! Would like to try it though.

It’s OK. A bit on the sweet side, and not much depth of flavour I thought.
Surprised about that article. Maybe I should try Kavalan again to see if I missed something first time round.

The price has always scared me away. I can get a good single malt Scotch for less. Why should a locally made whisky, with no shipping costs or import tariffs, cost so much more?

Tis really a scotch whiskey made by scots on Taiwan. NOte they said the temp and humidity helped to age it faster. Hence although it was only 2 years old, it was much more mature then the scotch made 3 year olds. Its really still a scotch. Its like a scotch daddy and a scotch mommie having a kid in Taipei. Still scotch, although made in Taiwan.

The article said the Japanese have not yet cracked it. But i read that Suntory got the highest awards somewhere with its scotch?

I remember cognac VSOP after a Taiwan summer always seem to taste a lot warmer, less pointy to the tongue and altogether way smoother.

Now we hear that the humidity and heat does indeed benefit in this manner.

whiskyforeveryone.blogspot.com/2 … -malt.html

whiskyforeveryone.blogspot.com/2 … ingle.html

So KING CAR is behind it. Goes to show with the money and the will a lot can be done.

On reading the articles. more correct to say its a whiskey by a scot daddy with a Taiwanese mommy :slight_smile:
Bravo they did a good job. Too bad I didnt know bout it to get a bottle when i was last there.

but its a hefty price tho isnt it?

Trader joes got single malts for bout 500nt and up from Scotland.

They make three year old Whisky? :eh:

2k for a bottle? :banana: that for a game of stupid tin soldiers! I can get a bottle of 17-year-old rum cask Balvenie for not a great deal more than that! What the :banana: are they THINKING? :unamused:

Well, it’s in made in the tradition of Scotch. But it’s not a true Scotch: to be Scotch, it has to be made in Scotland.

Well, it’s in made in the tradition of Scotch. But it’s not a true Scotch: to be Scotch, it has to be made in Scotland.[/quote]

Right-O, lets call it a scotch type whiskey. And if they can get people to scoop it up at 2000nt a bottle why not right? We are not communists. I will probably stick with the 500nt single malt as found at trader joes here in the bay area myself but then if someone offered me a sip of theirs I would have a go.

I think this calls for the opinion of our resident whiskey expert Mr Jimipresley.

Whos going to pitch in to buy him a bottle?

And lets get Jolin to act in it. Jimipresley to direct the bukkake scenes, sandman for the music, maoman to hold the fort down and keep the BS level low, tommy to cast the crew. Bcup for the scenes in scotland, tomhill in charge of catering in scotland, belgian pie for the restaurant scenes, paogao for still photography,. who we miss?

Fill it in here…

More info:


They give factory tours ! Anyone want to go down there and report back?
Should be a fun afternoon? Scottish and German stills, imported raw materials, imported barrels, Scottish “nose” and whiskey creator. Only thing Taiwanese is the labor, the water and the climate and the 30 million US dollar investment.

Still sounds like they are off to a great start.

How did they manage to get people to spend 2000nt a bottle though?

Thanks for the link Tommy.

I’ve seen this at the shop I frequent. Never tasted it although I think they do have a bottle open for sampling. I will try it next time I’m in if they have one.

I think that price is absolutely ridiculous though and considering the alternatives at an equal or lower price I don’t think I’d buy for anything other perhaps a gift. Probably not even that though.

Hard to beat the Glenmoraigne and The Balvenie at a lower price.

Well the devil is in the details here. Apparently this was part of a prank to test Sassanach varieties against the Scottish versions. They trialled mediocre grade Scotch against the Taiwanese stuff and some lame English blends, and lo and behold . . . :laughing:


Their capacity is 9 million bottles?? How the heck do they sell 9 million bottles at 2000nt?? Who is buying at this price level?