Taiwanese Language Learning

Hi guys!!! I don’t have any knowledge about Taiwanese. From the bottom of my heart I really want to speak Taiwanese well . Can you show me some books or online courses about Taiwanese language for the beginner. Many thanks :heart::heart::heart::blush::blush::blush:

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I never seen any courses either… most people here just learn it from their parents… unless your parent is waishenren in that case you just don’t know it.

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in Play Store, search for Minnan Taiwan. It’s like extremely basic Taiwanese.
Others may add other suggestions.

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Hands down the best textbook available:


I also have a YouTube playlist teaching POJ:


I linked two threads here, but you may find more in #taiwanese-language

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No you don’t understand what I mean. I Have just only use english and Vietnamese I want to study the mandarin with the Taiwanese accent and traditional Chinese not the simplified😂


Excuse me, how can I download it thanks


In that case, you should have asked under the Learning Chinese sub-forum


Taiwanese is a spoken language, not written.

lí leh kóng siánn-mih siáu-uē?

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it is not Taiwanese. It is Mandarin.

You may find some resources here.

That’s not Taiwanese.

But I don’t know of any lessons as it’s not the official language and it’s mainly spoken at home

If you are talking on taigi,

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Is the audio for this available?

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Again, lí leh kóng siánn-mih siáu-uē?

Development of National Languages Act

Article 3

“National language” as referred to in this Act shall mean the natural languages and sign languages used by the different ethnic groups in Taiwan.

第三條 (國家語言之定義)


That law was passed in 2018, and Taigi, Hakka, all Aboriginal languages, as well as Taiwan sign language are all official national languages.


This was originally over there, but since it was very clearly about “Taiwanese”, we moved it here. That was before it became clear that it was about Mandarin “with a Taiwanese accent”.

Good grief is right.

I’m not sure, I’ve heard it might be available through Maryknoll (I think they have a church or something in Taichung).

That being said, if you know POJ reasonably well, you can get a lot out of the text without audio.

Sorry, maybe someone else has a better answer!

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