Taiwanese language learning resources


Hey all,
Starting this thread as the last one on this topic was almost 7 years ago.
My Mandarin is good enough that my coworkers default to Mandarin unless there’s something particularly complex that I don’t understand. I love learning languages, and I’d like to start learning some Taiwanese. What good resources have people found? My searches (though admittedly not too deep) haven’t turned up any tutors or language schools, and language partners aren’t great for learning a language from scratch. I’m currently making do with some random YouTube videos, but they’re not a replacement for a more structured curriculum or in-person conversation.
If anyone has schools/tutors/sites/books/more videos/etc. they’d be much appreciated. I’m in Taichung area.


Glossika has Taiwanese https://ai.glossika.com/


Yeah, I used to have Glossika, but it really didn’t do much for me. I was doing it every single day for both Mandarin and Cantonese for a little over a month and I really didn’t feel like it helped me that much. Not sure if doing it again just for Taiwanese will be worth the effort



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