Taiwanese Naturalization Process and Statelessness

I’m investigating the ins and outs of Taiwanese naturalization. It appears that part of the naturalization process requires the applicant to become stateless for a period.

Article 9 of the Nationality Act requires that a certificate of loss of original nationality be provided BEFORE Taiwanese nationality is granted.

My original nationality won’t allow me to renounce unless I first show proof that I have obtained another citizenship. That is, they won’t allow anyone to renounce their citizenship if it will make them stateless.

British citizenship is also this way.

Just a guess, but maybe the certificate that you are a candidate for naturalisation is enough.

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My original country said they will absolutely not accept anything less than me having another citizenship.

I always thought that after becoming a NWOHR you had one year to renounce your original citizenship, but not sure. Tando or someone with more knowledge will be around soon.

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This blog post seems to indicate that Taiwanese citizenship isn’t issued until after the loss of original citizenship is submitted and verified.

I called the gov department in my original country, they said that my application would be rejected if I cannot prove citizenship in another country.

You can get a certificate of nationality.

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Does this mean they issue a citizenship certificate and passport while you’re a NWOHR?

Well does the UK recognize Taiwan as a country? Lol

That raises another issue. What happens when a country doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state?

they issue a ROC nationality certificate (中華民國國籍證明), and a NWOHR passport.

Application form

Format of the certificate


You are a NWOHR means you are a ROC national, so you are not stateless.