Taiwanese phone number

Hi all.

I am planning to move to Taipei in a mere matter of days and will look for English teaching work once on the ground in Taipei. I have looked at jobs online already but have hesitated to apply as most require you to have a Taiwanese phone number. As far as I can tell, there are two ways to get one and that is a prepaid sim card or a phone plan. The phone plan requires you to have your ARC, which obviously I cannot get without a job which leaves me to get the prepaid SIM option.

Having done some research, it seems that these prepaid cards are tourist oriented and generally range between 3 day and 30 day usage. I’m not bothered about the actual data and calls really as I know there is WiFi everywhere but obviously need the Taiwanese number to be contacted. So my question is, if I buy let’s say a 5 day plan on my prepaid sim, after 5 days, do I still keep the phone number? Can people still contact me even if I can no longer use the calls/data that I paid for? If not then I will have to buy a 30 day plan and hope I can land a job within that time but I’d much rather pay less and just have the number or that makes sense. Sorry if this is a little convoluted, I almost certainly could’ve shortened it down but wanted to be thorough. Any help is massively appreciated!

Yes, you can keep the same phone number and changed to a different plan later.

When I first arrived here I bought a prepaid sim from 7-11 and just had to add more money to it when it got low, no change in phone number. In fact, I used that sim card for the first 5 years I was here until I finally got a smart phone and a monthly plan.