Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre

Actually, I am concerned they found such an impressive arsenal, and that he had gone to target practice, yet there seems not a gun on him. he could have bought anything and hid it elsewhere. Now that would make it calculating… and really worrisome.

I’d like to think that thsi is just a silly kid with teh cultural awareness of a turnip. OTOH, I do not blame teh authorities in the US. Jokes of thsi kind should be punishable by a fat fine.


This seems key. He’ll probably squeal like a pig under interrogation if he has a weapon hidden somewhere. If he does, I’m willing to bet it’s an AR-15.

I mean, it kind of looks weird. It is like having the whole enchilada but no tortilla.

Or you’re a child of entertainers who is far more interested in the appearance of being a cop, of acting like a cop, than in actually owning a gun and doing cop work.

If this kid actually buried a firearm, then yeah he’s a problem child. If he just owns paraphernalia, though, then he’s probably the son of entertainers. Or just a young kid who’s infatuated by uniforms or other dressing up.

Ok. But where I work we have many cops. They are always armed, even at the cafeteria and grocery shop we have. They carry a batoon.

Only time they are not armed -wel, technically speaking - is when they job around the block.

But yes, i see your point. Kid is just a kid. And one thing we must consider: Taiwanese kids are less mature than their foreign counterparts. Pity adults did not supervise his toys more strictly.

Last I saw, cops aren’t equipped with service flamethrowers.


The English version doesn’t say he owned or ever operated a working flamethrower, just that he “demonstrated” one. Who knows what “demonstrated” means in this context. An air flamethrower? A broom? A fire extinguisher? Or an actual flamethrower?

Latoison said it was not illegal for Sun to possess any of the items found in his bedroom. Sun had brought the ballistic vest with him from Taiwan, Latoison said, and had dressed in some of the gear on Halloween at Bonner and Prendergast.

Police were investigating allegations that Sun showed off a high-caliber bullet at school in February and also showed a video of him demonstrating a flamethrower while wearing a mask.

The reports are saying he made the flamethrower himself in Taiwan, which is where the video of him using it was taken. Normal kids don’t make their own working flamethrowers. I’m thinking his parents probably sent him to study in the U.S. to try and straighten him out.


Maybe so, but jesus h christ, to Philadelphia!? In the US we’d be more likely to put this kid out in Wyoming or Montana to iron his problems out. I don’t even drive through Philly if I can help it.

I think “clueless” is the operational word in this whole scenario.


East Coast is ground zero for boarding schools and high quality “education”. I think they were thinking Princeton here, and high end buroughs rather than say, South Street.

Just follow the money.

I dunno. It’s the sort of thing the John Carmacks of this world do when they’re kids. They either end up in mansions or in jail.

Seems a bit like sending a Catholic priest for a stint of babysitting duty.


It’s a bit sensationalized. I wouldn’t consider a crossbow and 20 rounds of 9mm ammunication an “arsenal”.

I remember seeing those little pistol crossbows advertised in the backs of magazines when I was a kid. Really wanted one at the time.

Did you want a flamethrower too?

Probably. Was a bit of a little pyro. We used to break open black cats firecrackers to pile up the black powder and light it. Nothing major.

Uh-uh, major serial killer red flag!

Wanna give me my special title meow?! I’m a race car and I’m in the red!


If it were up to me, buddy. My own title is hanging by a thread.

You can get anything online these days…