Taiwanese swear words in political sign

I’m not sure whether this belongs here or in the Taiwan politics forum, but here it goes. What does this sign mean? It’s from a small group of 沒真相, 沒總統 demonstrators in front of the Presidential Office several weeks ago.


I know that LP is lam pa, which is Taiwanese for “balls” and that this guy thinks the 總統 the balls. Isn’t the 院長 Wang Jinping? I’m assuming he’s unhappy with Wang because of the military purchase bill. I don’t know about the rest of the sign.

Note: I do not care one way or the other about the politics of this guys’s sign. I only want to know what it means.

I asked a coworker what it meant, and he broke it down like this:
LP: Lam pa ('Da Balls).
PG: Pig (w/ a Taiwanese accent)
PLP: Po Lampa (holding the balls/ sucking up to someone)
BG: In the Taiwanese game of dice, the smallest possible number you can throw is called the BG (worthless).

My take on the sign: “The president is a Lampa, the Premier (not LY Prez Wang Jyn-ping) is a pig. The Cabinet ministers hold their balls, and the cops are worthless.”

Rather nuanced political commentary, no? :unamused:

The president’s a dick
The premier’s a pig
The ministers are ass-kissers
The cops are worthless

I thought that Taiwanese for pig sounded like ‘Dee’ (the only Taiwanese I know are swear words, and ‘Dee Tao’ is pig-headed). I’d be mortified if I was getting my swearwords wrong …

PG= “Peeguh” (the English word “Pig” with a Taiwanese accent)