Taiwanese website like ebay or Marktplaats (=Dutch)

Tomorrow i’ll be in Taiwan again, and will be helping my mother in law to clean up her house. She really saved all of her belongings from the pas 25 years. So it’s time to clean up!

Maybe belongings are perfect for some sort of ebay website, where you can sell you second hand stuff. In The Netherlands we gave www.marktplaats.nl .
Now i’m actually looking for a similair website, where she can place her ads with a pic and price, only then specially for Taiwan / Taipei.

Does anyone has suggestions?

Thanks guys!



Remember what cannot be sold can be donated. If you give to Tzu Chi, Dahrma Mountain or otehr official charity, you get a receipt that you can use when filing for tax returns.

Perfect, Thanks Tempo Gain and Icon!


Hi Laura, another charity that sometimes needs things is AnimalsTaiwan. You’ll need fluency in Chinese to navigate the other above-linked auction sites.

Finally, an English option is the Taiwanted.com classifieds, which is linked to this site.

Thanks Dragonbones!

The Chinese version is perfect. I’m hoping my mother-in-law finds a new hobby in selling her stuff online. We already sorted out some of her stuff. And really… The baby blanket we found from my brother-in-law has to go… Consider that my brother-in-law is over 40 years old now.

btw: i’m happy to hear about Animals Taiwan. Sometimes I find it heartbreaking the way some people treat their animals. Our own cats are like familymembers and are treated like gods in oud house.

Thx Laura

ps. sorry for the late reply. Since we have arrived in Taipei I couldn’t find my Forumosa password :-(… but i’m back online now!