Taiwanese Wikileak Cables

I’m too new to the island, four months, to know all of what i’m looking at. I thought I would share the link and ask if anyone knew if these were actually all that interesting. Most of what I saw wasn’t even related to Taiwan, it was simply routed through Taiwanese officials or through Beijing, regarding other countries.


Hm… one person’s “interesting” matters bore another person to tears, so what can one answer?
Reading through the material i discovered items that were of interest to me and made a list of those items - do you want that list? :wink:

If anything was interesting, you’d have probably heard about it via some news outlet.
Thus, everything is just basic diplomacy.

Also depends on what focus is interesting to you. Taiwan soveriegnty, PRC-ROC relations, PRC-ROC-US Relations, G-20 decisions, ROC trade outside East Asia, DPRK issues.

This is kinda interesting: wikileaks.org/cable/2010/02/10PANAMA87.html
Also, more so: wikileaks.org/cable/2009/04/ … G1176.html

Try looking into allied countries wikileaks for taiwan info. I bet you will find plenty interesting there…