Taiwan's Bridges

Just saw this great video that shows the diverse bridges Taiwan has. What are some unique bridges you’ve visited here? Personally, I like the dedicated bike/pedestrian bridges in and around Taipei, like this one that connects Banqiao to Xinzhuang:



Thread got legs.

Bridge near Tianxiang, Taroko


Never saw that when I was there. Is that an attempt at repairing it? I’d love to bike across it.

TBH it was from quite a few years ago. Temporary repair job while they decided what to do next.

I think I wheeled the bike across (just in case).


Yeah, yours and mine. :smile:

So what would be an iconic bridge of Taipei?

Some might say Guandu bridge.

Some might say Chongyang bridge.

But personally I consider Xinbei bridge the most iconic, because it’s very close to the city and it’s got Taipei in the backdrop if you look at it from across Danshui river.


From one of my most favourite bus rides. The 947

The only vantage point to capture that shot is from Chongcui bridge. So you either have to aim well from a vehicle traveling at 60 kph or walk/bike up there, which is super windy on most days.


2nd longest bridge in the world in Southern Taiwan (157KM) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changhua–Kaohsiung_Viaduct

I live near the one that collapsed in Yilan recently. No pics though lol

It was the longest bridge in the world from 2004 to 2010, the exact time frame in which Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world.

But soon here a new bridge

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I was just over there, driving onto the cape I could see why they built it :slight_smile: