Taiwan's Health Regulations

Does anyone else here get raging diahrrea when they eat undercooked eggs?
Why don’t they sell refrigerated eggs in Taiwan? Don’t they know about botchalism (sp?)and other diseases? Also, why do they rinse off dishes in cold pans of water on the side of the road? Those nasty gelatinous barrels of filthy water and ‘tembula’ at 7-11 are repulsive. Hotdogs which have been roasting for ten days, inedible. It’s all so revolting. Don’t they know about hepatitis? No wonder I’ve lost 15 kilos since I arrived.

Are there ANY health regulations in Taiwan?
It’s a wonder we don’t all keel over and die from disease here. For a country that seems to think it’s making progress, the food is so disgusting.

Everybody uses plastic and cooks everything really well…so the possibilty of picking the plague or botculism is minimum…still exists though…a hygiene inspector if he came to Taiwan would close down every restaurant here

If you don’t like the food and conditions either stop eating or go home!!! Also, on a side note, don’t think that eating in the States is all that sanitary either.

Well as a good German friend said to me “these Taiwanese are disgusting…look at their eating habits and hygiene”
While his opinion is seen as correct by some people… you must understand that Taiwanese are not too worried about these things…why?..cause everything they eat has been cooked or fried therefore all the nasty things, well most of them should be dead.
We worry about food being contaminated before we cook it, and rightly so, but to Taiwanese thinking, just fry or boil it and kill everything.

I never got food poisoning here, but at the same time I don’t eat raw eggs. I wouldn’t do that at home either. And the reason they don’t refrigerate their eggs is cause they don’t need to.

If food poisoning was a common occurrence in Taiwan, I should think the people in those restaurants would adopt better standards, they don’t want to be making customers sick, but it doesn’t so they don’t.
Once day I accidentally said it to a restaurant owner, to which he said " you foreigners fret too much over everything, you have never been sick from eating at my restaurant, so why do you worry?"

Hepatitis was a problem before, hence the introduction of plastic forks, spoons, bags, bags and more bags.
A thing that used to be done in Taipei was that in a restaurant, a common pair of chopsticks would be used for each dish, in an attempt to stop the spread of Hepatitis from person to person.
Also if you are having sexual relations with a Taiwanese girl/boy you should consider this. A large proportion of the population are hepatitis carriers.

Something a Taiwanese said to me…" I was in England before and I met some people who only would shower every two days…How dirty!!"
My reply…“Did you ever look around you where you live or eat?.. not exactly paradise, or sparkling and glistening and clean”

I think it comes down to our perception of being clean and hygienic and theirs

Originally posted by : If you don't like the food and conditions either stop eating or go home!!!
[img]images/smiles/converted/hellno3d.gif[/img] There's got to be a better response to negative comments, criticism and complaining than "Love it or leave it!" What kind of discussion forum would it be if we only posted positive, cheery messages? Pretty boring, I'd imagine... [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

Something I would worry about more are chemicals in foods here and in the water…
You got them all Mercury, Lead , Asbestos etc.

In fact I was flying back to Taiwan a couple of months ago and I was sitting next to a guy who works on the Express Fast Train project between Taipei and Kaoshuing. His company has a contract for a section of the line. Part of their job is to level buildings to clear the way for the train track.
He said that a common practice in Taiwan years ago was to bury radioactive waste in building sites and then build on top of this. Not a great policy by the government at the time, might as well have swept it under the carpet.

So when you go apartment hunting, make sure to bring your Geiger counter, the more clicks, the more the landlord reduces the rent by.

Originally posted by Angst: [img]images/smiles/converted/hellno3d.gif[/img] There's got to be a better response to negative comments, criticism and complaining than "Love it or leave it!" What kind of discussion forum would it be if we only posted positive, cheery messages? Pretty boring, I'd imagine... [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

Of course there are better responses, but you’re not going to get them from mental midgets like “live with it” – an intellectual couch potato.

There is a fairly well known Western concept (there are many slightly different versions)

"Give me the humility to live with what I cannot change

And the courage to change what I need to

And the knowledge to tell the difference".

Part of the last line is that there are some things you could maybe change in your home country, but you cannot change them here.

Angst I totally agree with yor argument.

How come there are so many guests posting in this thread? Do you think the risk of infection is lower as long as you are not logged in? Safe browsing.

It is not about love it or leave it, but to my knowledge - nobody forces anybody to eat hot dogs at 7-11 or anything else anywhere.

The food and lack of hygiene in Taiwan still appalls and disgusts me after 5 years of being here.

My husband and I cook everything at home and only eat out at reputable western restaurants that we know are clean (or believe to be, anyway :astonished: ). Taiwanese food grosses me out completely anyway; much of what is eaten here is not only inedible in my mind, but watching Taiwanese prepare food is enough to turn one off to it completely.

Taiwanese are the filthiest nation of people I have ever come across in my life, and I have travelled extensively throughout the world, primarily in the third world…people here are clueless about personal cleanliness, hygiene, food safety, etc. They really turn my stomach!

Yet life expectancy is 77 years in Taiwan. The same as countries like the U.S., Ireland, and Denmark. They must be doing something right.

The food here is wonderful. I eat everything and have never gotten sick. Taiwan doesn’t need to change a thing!

You need a therapy [Edit: ,773].

10,000+ children <12 yrs old die every year due to liver diseases. This is an abominally high % of the population.
This is primarily due to lack of sanitation, sanitary procedures and basic hygiene whichresults in the transmission of preventable diseases.

Be aware and be safe!

from Taiwan MOH web site.