Taiwan's Legal Aid Foundation

Useful information, as posted by a helpful member of forumosa.com in another thread …

Taiwan’s Legal Aid Foundation

I’m not sure if they can help you directly (you probably make too much money, but don’t volunteer this information), but they can certainly direct you to legal aid resources … , which you will almost certainly qualify for.

台北市金山南路二段200號 6樓
6th Fl., No. 200 Jinshan South Road, Sec. 2, Taipei
Phone (02)2322-5151;傳真 Fax:(02)2322-2051

From the look of their onsite map, it appears that they have offices all over the island.
Offices Listing –

(This post was updated: Sept. 27, 2006)

Does anyone have any clue if I can sue him in the US? I’ve got heaps of emails.

I cant get any anwers, any english help, anywhere. I am about to give up and call it quits and head back to the states. I don’t have any idea what this person can do to me, or what the consequences would be if he was successful, and I can’t seem to ask anyone who knows.

AIT maintains a list of English-speaking lawyers. Can’t guarantee they won’t be expensive, but you have to at least consider that option before just packing up and leaving.

In a sticky on this board, there is a master list of the various lists of English speaking lawyers recommended by the major foreign representative offices in Taiwan.

I’ve used these guys thrice. Won all three cases. But you must show financial distress. I was able to convey that because the guy I was suing was breaking our contract and not paying me.