Taiwan's TKK Fried Chicken Outside of Taiwan

Do you eat TKK fried chicken in Taiwan? I think I had it and remember having no flavor.

Three locations in the US with more coming.

I’ve eaten TKK, and in my opinion there’s no way it can compare with Popeye’s or Church’s. I’m guessing the novelty factor might make it temporarily successful.

do they actually sell this stuff in taiwan? sweet corn? crispy tenders? chicken burger? half this stuff i haven’t seen before. american market only? if thats the case then what a joke of a company. the taiwan side could do with some help too, because as it is TKK is shite.

I like the kumara chips. There, I’ve said it.

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I don’t hate their pizza pocket things, just because I can’t find a microwavable alternative here.

TKK (the first ever Taiwan fast food chain, BTW) is the best fried chicken anywhere in Taiwan.
I wish they had more locations and were a little less pricey. :poultry_leg: :yum:

I’m sort of addicted to those things, which is kind of worrisome since they don’t seem to actually be what one would consider “food”…

I wish they sold it by the bucket instead of these kids portions. Goes real well with a few pints.

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