Taiwan's Tsai wins Canadian government-backed award that Ottawa reportedly tried to block

Congratulations to President Tsai Ing-wen in winning this prestigious award.

Some members of the Canadian government have denied threatening funding if they awarded this to her. I hope they didn’t engage in such threats, if so, I am embarrassed and ashamed for Canada.

It doesn’t even matter your position on the argument, she is standing up for her citizens, this is the stance all real leaders are obligated to take.

Hong Kong (CNN)Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has been awarded a prestigious leadership prize, in a move that could infuriate Beijing, and following reports of attempted interference by Ottawa.

Tsai is the 2020 recipient of the John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service, the Halifax International Security Forum (HFX) announced late Monday. Though now independent, the Washington DC-based international security forum was founded by the Canadian government and receives considerable funding from Ottawa.

This year’s award is the second in a row that will likely displease Beijing, after the 2019 prize went to the people of Hong Kong “for their brave fight for their rights in the face of oppression from the government of China.” Beijing regards self-ruled, democratic Taiwan as part of its territory, and Tsai is a figure of loathing in Chinese state media.

China has stepped up military pressure against Taiwan in recent months


Bad move by the Chinese Province of Canada. The provincial governor will need to report to the CCP

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I think most of us canucks secretely assume the canadian government is bought and paid for. Time will tell. Certainly the woke crowds of canada dont give much of a shit about human rights and environmental issues outside of their own first nation territories :frowning:

I threatened my MP that I would rampage online and simultaneously never vote for them again for the rest of my natural life.

I don’t know how much of an effect it had. I hope at least a bit.

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If a million people do that, guess how fast shit changes. Its amazing how people are so unwilling to organize and change things overnight. The power of the people is far beyond that of any other group, military included. But requires organizing. And, like, doing something about it when the situation arises…

Good for you. I wrote mine as well, but im not a resident and the fucks took our voting rights away in the past…so not sure how much they care about us. I count on them not looking into who i am but rather putting my emails into the “not happy basket, anti china” tick box. when that box reaches the 7 or 8 digits, they will start listening. Takes each ONE of us to do the bare minimum though. If people can post about their feet on facebook, surely preventing ww3 and helping human rights sufferers is worth the miniscule quantity of time required to write the government a short email…

Supreme court restored our franchise. Your last address is your constituency and your MP remains accountable to you.

Skype is a great option for having calls to Canada and it’s about C$4/m iirc

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Ya i know, it was restored. The fact it ever happened has given me a deep hatred for the fuggers for a very long time. I just mean they likely care nothing of people not paying taxes there. I just assume they also wont be checking residency status on each email either.

Calls have to be a voip type thing. i remember one.time long ago calling my mp about a local issue and used my landline. after the machines, being on hold etc…never again. That bill was a shocker.

Yeah. Skype is great for that.