Taiwanted.com login problem

Hi, I am a registered user of forumosa.com. I try to place an ad in taiwanted.com. I am asked to login. When I use my forumosa.com login info, I can’t log in. When I click the link to register, I am redirected to forumosa.com where I am already logged in. So how can I log in to place an ad in taiwanted.com?

By the way, I tried to send an email using the “contact us” form in taiwanted.com, but I got an error message, “I am sorry but the token does not match”. I don’t know what “token” it is talking about.

don’t think you’re alone. I’ve been having the same problem for several months and it’s not looking like it can get solved in the near future.
I’m beginning to think, now that the market has been opened to the Chinese,not only do they start to control the TV but also internet access.
Doesn’t look like the moderators want any improvements or they simply ignore all the posts on their website.
Either way, we’ve landed in a potty full of crap.
Take care and wish you luck on different websites.

PM Maoman and he’ll fix it for you.

Thanks for the tip. I will PM Maoman.