Take Home NT$200 HIV Test, Get Chances To Win Prizes

Testing seems to be catching on.

  • The “OraQuick HIV Self-Test,” which allows individuals to detect antibodies for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 with an oral swab in just 20 minutes in the privacy of their own homes, is being promoted by the CDC.

  • kits cost NT$200 (US$6.6) and can be purchased at 362 locations, including pharmacies and saunas, as well as 26 automatic vending machines around the country

  • After registering their results, users will also be automatically entered into a raffle with the chance of winning some 240 prizes, such as convenience store vouchers worth up to NT$10,000


Available in vending machines around Taiwan.


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Can’t wait to tell the friends back home that they have HIV testing kits in vending machines in Taiwan. They’re gonna think this place has an HIV problem or something lmao.


Another Tango42 Topic saved!