Take the Hoax Photo Test

I got about 70%. Some pictures they say are real I still don’t believe.
Hoax museum

80% here.

I’m with Richard on not really believing one of them.

80%, and the only one I disagree with is the deer one.

About 70% over all four galleries - yeah, some of the “real” ones are impressive :astonished:

. . . assuming the Website is not a hoax.

Michael Jackson – yikes. :astonished:

100%. And the deer one is real. I had an almost identical experience, except my car at the time was Triumph Stag. The irony was not lost on the insurance company.

. . . assuming the Website is not a hoax.[/quote]

Well, hence the quotes around “real”, just in case :slight_smile: I had seen quite a few of the pix (both real and fake) previously reproduced in newspapers, with similar explanations, for what it’s worth.

I think Sandman’s avatar is a hoax.

That’s no saxophone!

The only thing that made me doubt the deer one was the lack of any sort of marking on the car’s bonnet/hood.

Interesting that the Bush hoax makes him look stupid. The Daschle one makes him look as if his heart is not in the right place: A reccuring theme.

Hey! Spoilers here people! Stop it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I scored an 8/10, a 7/10, a 9/10, and a 5/10.

10/10. Then again, I’ve seen several of them before, and have made the net-acquaintance of the man in the bear pic, so perhaps that shouldn’t count.

Oops – just saw Imani’s comment about multiple tests, so I took the others. 9/10 on each of the next three.

9/10. But that’s because I’m drunk.

Was that video of a UFO near the WTC ever proven to be a hoax? Fake or not, it’s a cool video.
See it here. Scroll down to the middle of the page.

I cannot believe how badly I did, and I even knew some of them were real because I remembered seeing them on the news wires. I shudder to think how badly I would have done on a test that didn’t include photos I’d already seen.

[quote=“Spack”]Was that video of a UFO near the WTC ever proven to be a hoax? Fake or not, it’s a cool video.
See it here. Scroll down to the middle of the page.
Editor’s Note: This video has been exposed as a hoax. Barbara S. has admitted that she filled the role of the tourist as an actress, and the UFO in the scene was computer generated.
You would think that if it was real, more people would have seen it.


Hey, that was fun! I only got 70.

The deer bit is true.

And actually quite common where I come from (Illinois). My roomie swerved in a vain attempt to avoid a 250-lb stag, which badly damaged the full length driver’s side of his F150 pickup. Major damage. The deer ran away, and may have later died of internal injuries. Sad. But too bad it didn’t die on the spot; not only less suffering, but we would have had venison and deer jerky (also common where I live). As for marks on the car front, 1) the pic doesn’t show the whole front, 2) the deer often jump, and 3) in this particular story, a car on an overpass scared the deer into jumping off the overpass, and it landed into this car. Here is a link to a fuller set of pics car-accidents.com/pages/acci … 14-02.html

One time a deer jumped and managed to go hooves first through the windshield, then kicked the lady driver to death. Yikes.

Deer collisions are SO common back home, that I put a big extra grille on my truck, and air whistles that are supposed to alert deer in advance. Not that the latter are really proven to work, but they’re cheap.

In the US alone, there are several million car-deer accidents annually, maybe as many as 3 million. This is why deer hunting is encouraged; my brother and two of my roomies were deer hunters.