Taking a bike on Taroko Gorge Bus

Does anyone know if I can bring a bike on the bus for Taroko? I already did half the route between Hualian and Lishan. All the way to 天祥遊憩區. I don’t want to redo the first half of the uphill and would prefer to take the bus to my last stopping point.

I’ve heard of people putting their bikes in the luggage area under the bus; sometimes they might have to take off a wheel. According to this site (單車之旅:自行車悠遊玩法行程二) you may need to contact the bus company first because space may be limited due to the number of tourists.

Here’s an English page with the various bus companies’ contact info:

@Nuit Do you have any info?


It used to be possible, 1 bus a day. I know of folk who put the bike on a couple of years. But my info is not current.

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