Taking a break from studying

I am studying Chinese until Deceber and I would like to do a little travelling around the island for a couple of weeks before I go back home. Does the visa office allow it as part of your student visa or will I have to change my visa for just those couple of weeks? Any ideas?

What’s the expiration date on the visa? You can do anything you want, such as travel, after classes end, as long as it hasn’t expired yet. I have no idea how far such visas normally extend beyond the last day of the term, though.

Just got back from the FAP extending my visa. I asked them the same question.

FAP Answer:
1 Week (7 calendar days) past the last day of class is all they can allow you to stay. If you want to stay longer you need to use other options, such as 30 day visa exempt entry (have to leave the island and come back to do this) or enroll for the next semester, get your extension FAST (within the same week) and then ask for a refund of your tuition and cancel your classes. This will give you a 60 day stay…but you wont be able to extend after that and it does depend on your school’s tuition refund policy.

What I did:
I asked my school to adjust my enrollment certificate to show the term ending on a Friday rather than a Monday…this would buy me an extra week’s stay. I had to bypass the office staff and go directly to the director of the school. With some reluctance, they did it for me. Might work for you too.

Good luck!