Taking a dog to SA

I’ve searched on this site, but couldn’t find any recent info on how to export a dog to South Africa. I’ve contacted the SA trade mission here, but the only help they could offer me was to direct me to a website. And the website wasn’t much help at all… …it would be easier to extract information from a KGB spy.

My mom has also tried to find the info for me in SA, but told me that some of the officals she contacted were extremely rude. (good ol’e SA…I feel as if I’m back home in spirit already)

Has any forumosan taken a pet to SA recently? Is it better to fly the animal to Johannesburg or Cape Town? PLEASE :help:

(Are you who I tink you are? :wink: )

I’ve searched through my emails and don’t have anyone that has done this yet, and my next bet was to try here, but I see you have already done that! :slight_smile: I know some Forumosans have done it, so you should get some great advice now.

You may also want to see here: Exporting a Pet to South Africa

Maybe this will help?

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 50d#599680

My friend is busy trying to get her huge dog to SA and it’s costing almost NT$ 80 000 now…and not everything has been done. Good luck and good on you for not abandoning your doggie:)