Taking a new breed into your country

I have searched for other Shiba Inus in South-Africa, but I can’t find any. Are there any weird rules regarding taking an unknown breed into a country?

There probably are, but with good reason. Any animal can spead a disease from one part of the world to another. I remember that once we couldn’t even take a dog over the Natal “border” in the late 70’s without a check-up.

By the way is this breed related to the husky?

They also have a double coat…and everywhere I go people point and say ‘Husky’…but I have no idea. Because mine is black, she really resembles a husky a little bit, but luckily she won’t grow more!


can you take mutts into your country? If so I doubt a different breed of dog will be a problem

well I certainly hope so, as ours is a mutt. The regulations in NZ specify a few breeds that cannot be imported like American Pitt Bull etc