Taking a Scooter from Taipei to Taoyuan, or vise versa

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These directions were originally put up as Maps to a Taoyuan Happy hour, but anyone wanting to know how easy the 40-45min trip is will be interested also.[/b][/color]


  1. The hardest part of this journey. Get to this bridge which is a couple of blocks west of Ximen. there is a very subtle scooter ramp entrance. Ask if you can’t find it, but most scooters around this area heading west end up on the bridge. Note it is the southern bridge.
  2. The journey begins…join the masses in crossing the bridge. Follow the signs to Taoyuan…
  3. Follow the signs to Taoyuan. Keep going straight ahead
  4. Follow the signs to Taoyuan. Keep going straight ahead. btw, the map doesn’t show it, but the area is pretty much built up all the way…
    Keep going and at some point you cross a decent bridge and then come to a big 5 way intersection, with a stadium on the far side. (see the close up)
  5. Turn right onto San Ming, and follow it around for a few mins past Jakes Bar/Rumbar and then the Cam School. At the major intersection, turn right. (you may look for Tesco or Carrefour signs). Head along this road for a few mins until you come to the Bowling Alley/Swimming pool right next to another major intersection. You need to veer left and head a short distance to the Tesco corner.
  6. Here’s a small snippet of the original map showing the last no-brainer part.

And you are there, 45 mins (MAX, usually less!!) later. Find me, and claim your first beer…

Getting back is just as easy. I have done this trip about 6 times. Easy peasy.

Note: There is supposed to be a typhoon coming through around about then, so please use your discretion about coming on a scooter if it is a bit windy.[/quote]

A newbie route, but it’ll work in a pinch… :s

A newbie route, but it’ll work in a pinch… :s[/quote]
It is for scooters, not cars per se and is based on the signs in both directions on route 1.
Is there another way?

A newbie route, but it’ll work in a pinch… :s[/quote]
It is for scooters, not cars per se and is based on the signs in both directions on route 1.
Is there another way?[/quote]

Sorry Truant, that was supposed to be a wink. :blush: Actually if you take the chungshiao bridge over into Sanchung, and then follow the overpass underneath as it snakes through…You’ll then be able to get back on it for about 2km, drop down and stay straight on this road until it reconnects with the one (Note: I can’t read the name of the road, but if you look on your directions No#3 you can see it (the big white road) reconnecting with the one coming down from the top of your map)

I’m not a techie, but my way is quicker and easier, with far fewer traffic lights. It will shave a good 5 minutes or better off the ride, and you won’t be hitting traffic lights every 100 yards.

If you are coming from other parts of town, you can hit highway one from the Minchuan bridge. If you live in Shindian, you can go through Ankeng, Sanshia, Inge, and then Taoyuan.

Coming from Shilin or Tienmou by motorcycle is easy as well. Take Tatu Rd. out to the Kuandu bridge, then cross it and go left…Pass a large temple and after about 3km the road will split with a two laner on the right…That will take you to Wuku. From there you can take at least 5 different routes into Taoyuan including one over Linkou that actually has some decent twisties.

Truant, back in a day I used to do this commute daily by motorcyle from both Taipei and Tamshui. I could easily do Taipei-Chungli in under 40 minutes, and Tamshui-Chungli in about 50minutes. Faster, and alot more fun than the train.

Had a two year stretch 1989-1991 without a car :frowning:


I’ve split this into it’s own thread as a few people have mentioned the desire to scooter between Taoyuan and Taipei or vv.

Whenever I have done it, the traffic lights have usually been green or flashing orange except for 5-6 so I haven’t felt the lights to be a problem, but I have never done it during rush hour.

It’s a pretty easy ride really and it would be good if more 'mosans hooked up using this info.