Taking Dog on MRT and Bus


Anyone have luck bringing larger dogs on public transportation? Wondering if one could get away with a larger than stipulated soft sided case, maybe slung over the shoulder somewhat incognito. Trying to help a friend transport their dog two stops away to a park.

Looks like the standards are “Animals brought into stations or trains should be kept in pet boxes, pet strollers, small cages, or small containers which do not exceed 55cm in length, 45cm in width, and 40cm in height (size limits for pet strollers refer to the pet cabin only, the frame and wheels are excluded).”


As I’ve said, I have seen Golden retrievers and huskies on the MRT…just get a large enough carrier. The one that attaches to bicycles can also be pushed as a pram.

Trying to do a NY city style of doggie in Costco bag will not fly on Taipei MRT.


Arg. Foiled again.


It is for doggie’s own safety.


If the dog is large enough, get his some hooman sized clothes and dress him up. Even swipe the metro card for him. If anyone questions you, go with the good old:“oh this is my uncle Ludmillzaya, his current condition was caused by his years in a concentration camp in Furgidistan, he’s very sensitive about it”.

Works 100% of the time, unless the person who questions you was also in the concentration camps in Furgidistan , in which case just run.


If size would matter than ‘twin’ baby carriages are not allowed! Or these 4 wheeled old people electric scooters, I’ve seen them in ‘twin coach’ version, or in mini vending stall version on the MRT.


Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk that distance?


Check out Mr Logical here…


Definitely not within size.


I just really hate taking public transportation.


This thread was a lot more interesting when I thought it said

Talking Dog on MRT and Bus


That would be the K-Man’s wildest dream…the ultimate piece of news to report.


I made the same mistake. What a disappointment.