Taking tea through customs

This may be a ridiculous question.

I’m headed to the US in a few days and I’m taking tea with me. Is there any way that some crazy airport workers are going to think the tea is drugs and give me shit? Has anyone ever heard anything about that, or am I being totally hilarious in even considering it? I’m not too worried about US customs once I get back but… what do you think?


I cannot say with certainty that no Customs agent will make such a mistake… however, I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been taking tea home to the US for the past 20 years without any incidents.

just get one that is vacuum-packed and don’t open it before you go. pretty safe that way …

and i’d worry far more about us agents than the ones here. i am not slamming them: the work they do in the us is a little more precise. although i’m fairly certain they have all seen tea pass through …

Don’t worry…the dogs can tell the difference! :wink:
As above, vacuum-packed and labeled; shouldn’t pose a problem.