TAMCO and other questions

I need some help finding some information if anyone can gove me a hand.

I am looking for contact information for the Taiwan Asset Managemet Company (TAMCO) that was formed by a group of Taiwan Banks in September of last year.

I also am trying to find:
Total worth of the Internet services market in Taiwan for 2001 or later with the percentages for Internet service providers, application service providers, and Internet content providers. Future estimates would be great.

Number of ISPs in Taiwan for 2002

And finanlly, the penetration rate or number of uses of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) for 2002

It would really help me out a lot if anyone has (or knows where to find) this info. I am having trouble finding the information at III and MIC.

Did you ever get this information? I’d actually like to know some of that.

I got most of it, but some of it was a pain in the ass to get. What do you wanna know? Do you want internet, finance or economic stuff. Believe me, I can send you just about as much as you could possibly want as long as it isn’t too deep.