Tammy and tommy and kucing gendut's mini escapades



Esalen eh? Well thats an idea ! Never heard of it, we are just yokels from Taiwan and INdonesia.

I have not been to Big Sur but once and that was like half a century ago. Sometime in circa 2000. Oh and i just drove past on my way down highway 1 to san luis obispo and LA.


It’s the quintessential New Age, hippy-dippy California experience, but it doesn’t come cheap. But just driving through Big Sur on Highway 1 and soaking up the scenery is pretty cool. And don’t forget to stop for lunch at Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant (also not cheap).


Great. Will put that on the list for the next foray into the Monterey/Carmel area. DID want to take her to Big Sur, some 26 miles further south. But didn’t really know what to do once there.

Oh, realized it wasn’t 2014 that we were all last there, it was May of 2015. Wrote a big ass blog bout that excursion.

This time we didn’t bother with the beautiful white sand beach of Carmel as the cat thinks it’s just a giant poo box.

I love that beach though. If only the water was warm enough to swim in summer. But even in summer it is literally ICE COLD. You will need a wetsuit and still will freeze your fingers and toes.


Well we did Carmel again with the Catso. As usual he is not a good car rider. Meowing and restless the whole way there and back. Three hours each way via 680 and 156. I usually like to take Highway 1, for the scenery but that takes double the time.

The Quail lodge raised its prices 50/night, bless their hearts and cut out the early bird special priced dinner, bless their hearts again.

Lucky the weather was awesome and I had a bit of a swim in the warmish pool. They could do well to up the pool temp just a wee bit.

Apparently, Clint Eastwood owns the place, so my friend says.

Ate at Louie LInguini next to the Fish Hopper after we dropped off the cat at the hotel. Not a bad place, always was going past there but never tried it. The stir fried calamari was especially good. Apparently there is a restaurant a street away called the Sardine FActory that has high acclaim and high prices to match ! Will try that one of these days.

Edgar at the hotel was good for dinner the next night. But more pricey without the early bird special. Doggone. But the local specialty the Sand Dab (a type of sole) was tasty. Their clam chowder is great to chow down on too.

The highlight was breakfast at the tiny but very expensive hotel in carmel valley

Luxurious place ! Dinner must be 100 for two people as our breakfast (one order of french toast and one Bernardus bfast special) was 50 bucks. TAsty but definitly on the pricey side.
HOtel night there is bout 450/night, much more then the 250 at the Quail.

Its for the bay area rich to escape . I would imagine the room being 450 they probably blow that much at the salon with a massage and a treatment or two.

Whopper had his 10th birthday bash recently. With balloons and cake and even a few invited guests. Haha. Then i figured out he’s actually 11.

And now that hes older he has to take two pills a day. One for back pain (arthritis) and one for a too vigorous thyroid. Took him to the vet because he was pulling out his hair in big chunks. Didn’t know what was up with that? Doc said his back is hurting and hes pulling hair because of the pain. She was right. The pills stopped him doing that.

He is a horrible car rider, and only would quiet down when his mommy holds him.



You must be stacking some cheese to afford that vacation, Tommy. The only Carmel I’m enjoying is on my McDonald’s sundae…


Lol, nah, just saving up to splurge now and then. That’s what happens when you have a wife.

Before the wife, whopper and I never went on vacations , and he never got no birthday parties either.

My idea of a vacation was just to hang out at home. The complex has a pool and girls with bikinis (at times) why pay to do the same thing elsewhere right?


Good work Tommy. Do you consider having a baby now that you are settled down?


Don’t know
It’s a complex issue
To kid or not to kid
It’s not like the world needs more kids
Kids don’t necessarily take care of you when you are old either
Most people have to take care of their kids even when they are old now
Economic issues being what they are now
And you really shouldn’t have one just because you physically can

And they are not toys and less fun then having a cat

We have been doing our best to not have a kid
Neither one of us really want one

But if one day I’m not fast enough we will have one

I myself really don’t need one. If she feels being a mom to a kid is what she wants we may go for it

She’s practicing with the cat kid right now