Tammy and tommy and kucing gendut's mini escapades

Not at all, Tommy’s doing well and I wish him all the best. And if I turn out to be wrong with my previous assumptions, he’s going to be due a big apology from me.

Tammy will likely be going to a small college not far from us to get her Engrish up to speed. DVC is a great little college for those who are heading for college in the USA. Apparently tons of Asians are enrolled already. Because it is about 10k a year for out of state or foreign students versus Berkeley’s 38,000/annum tuition.

Specifically it’s 46 dollars a credit for in state residents and out of state or foreign students add 205/credit.

So its not fair but its cheaper then Berkeley and apparently people who go here for two years at DVC can get into Berkeley for their second two years of college and get a BA from Berkeley. They have a tie in with Berkeley so its a cheaper way to get a Berkeley degree and easier to get in as well.

So far my week is turning into a STAYCATION because her highness refuses to leave our cat to fend for himself because we can’t get a friend to babysit him.

I said, he is fine by himself for an overniter and we should do an overnite trip somewhere. So far no go. Not that a Staycation is all bad. We have a nice pool in the complex and there’s plenty of movies to see and restaurants to go to and all. Speaking of movies, saw Maleficent, it was quite good. And we can take Gendut the cat to see the ducks again. You can buy duck food at the market there for the ducks and geese. Its mostly chopped up corn.

Actually gendut doesn’t like the ducks all that much as you can see from this vid ! Hes afraid of them actually.

youtube.com/watch?v=UETTURS … e=youtu.be

p.s. I call her “her highness” because not only does she keep the apt ship shape, she has instituted a series of FINES , much like Singapore. For transgressions, like not putting shoes away, not putting clothes away and the like. And not being in bed by 12.

Well my week is almost over. But I got my short road trip. We compromised a bit and ended up with an overniter when she decided that we can go only if we got a pet friendly hotel.

Found a few in the Lake Tahoe area (some are DOGS ONLY though, so those won’t work) and found a few motels in Pacific Grove (stones throw from Monterey) that allowed pets. Decided it was too much to drive five hours each way with whopper, who had never been on a road trip before. So we decided to go to the Monterey area, which was about 2 and a half hours or so from us , each way.

Got this motel in Pacific Grove, a mile away from the Monterey Aquarium:
montereyinns.com/?utm_source … l%2BFinder. The pictures were better then the actual room, but it was workable.

For 79/nite plus tax , which was 8 bucks for the tax and another 2 bucks for some sort of hospitality surcharge the town levies.

And for 30 bucks more we could take Whopper the cat. After assuring the owners that our cat was actually almost a dog, walked on a leash , etc. Otherwise the package was really geared for dogs. Included a big doggie bed (which was apparently washed between dogs) and two sheets to cover the bed and the sofa chair with. Rules were that the sheets must be in place and that the owners promise not to leave their dogs unattended for more then 15 mins either in the car or in the room. Also they must be leashed when on the premises, outside of the room itself. Whopper of course never got on the doggie bed (probably too many smells of dogs) and slept on our bed or on the sofa chair. 30 bucks wasn’t bad for the dog package if one stayed three days as it was good for up to three days. Each day further was an extra 5 bucks/day. By comparison the W hotels charge 100 for the pet package, not sure how many days allowed within that package. But at some 350 dollars a nite, that was stiff. Not that there are many W hotels around as well, even if I could’ve afforded one.

We did leave our cat unattended for about 90 mins while we went to eat dinner, but i don’t think he barked a whole lot though. We felt safe to leave him because he couldn’t bark.

Whopper had no trouble walking on his leash on the property. In fact he was so fired up by being on a road trip that he decided at 5am that he wanted to go for a walk and he started howling about it . So a walk we did, followed by one at 6am, followed by another at around an hour later. These shenanigans made me happy that we were not staying another nite, although the wife wanted to. I felt Whopper would be happier back home. And I am pretty sure I am right as he ran straight from the car back to the apartment without a break when we got back this afternoon.

Took him to a beach in Pacific Grove. He looked less then happy actually. And hated to be on the sand (knowing what cats do on sand i suppose). We basically took him near the water, and he headed back up to the car. Funny he was non phased by the ocean, barely looking at it. Just wanted to get off the sand !

Also brought him to the gorgeous beach in Carmel, which was a bit of a walk back up. He took that in stride. He was a big hit among all the people there. There are tons of dogs around the beach but nobody had their cat with them. Whopper is a hit where-ever we go with him because he is so large and fluffy (let’s not say Phat shall we?).

Whopper still pretty much dislikes riding cars. He likes riding cars as much as I like flying. Which is to say he hates it. But he took it without too much yowling. Needing a lot of holding and comforting along the way by wifey. Now if i got hot stewardesses to hug me when I was flying I MIGHT like it a little bit too. He liked the room and liked all the walks , the ones on the beaches notwithstanding.

So all in all , i guess we had a pretty catgone good time !

Whopper not looking real pleased at the beach

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Happiest back home !

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Its a lot steeper then it looks, but at least he has 4Paw Drive.

Well she can’t go to school yet, because apparently you have to be residing in CAlifornia for one year and a day to get resident tuition. What a bunch of bull really. So its an extra 205 bucks per unit tuition if you are NOT a CA resident !! ON top of the 46 bucks per unit charged to residents.

Thing is , when is she considered a resident? From the day she arrived with a fiancee visa or the day she got her Green Card? Theres a diff of bout six months here.

Poor Whopper (Gendut) is at the vet’s. His former owners never took care of his teeth in the 4 years they had him and hes lost most of them. And now hes being sedated so they can have a look at what can be treated and what has to be pulled. Poor little tiger. And poor me as it is going to cost 600 bucks plus. Would probably costs like 2000nt in Taipei at my vet there !!

Pets are EXPENSIVE to keep in CAlif.

No, actually around 4K to 6k, giving his weight -sedations can be tricky. Best of luck to poor Whooper.

Wife could take online courses on stuff that interests her. But she is already attending language school, right?

Bill 700 , clean up teeth Lucky only lost one fang. Poor dude

Im putting her in language school when we have resident status. Right now, not wanting to pay 410 extra as a non resident per class.

p.s. Gendut is slowly coming around. Recovering nicely. Still a bit wobbly around the house and not quite himself yet. But hes behaving nicely and seems calm and collected so that is a good thing. He lost a tooth so hes being very quiet (but that hopefully means he is not in pain) and he has a bald patch in his right paw where they had the IV.

Here he is at the beach in carmel again.

Wouldn’t you rather your wife went out and did some classes and moved forwards with her education and career? You blow through money on some seemingly unimportant things like it is water, then refuse to spend hardly anything on things which seem more important. What you spent on her nicer seat in one place or more pricey meal in another could you have spent on a class?

10,000 dollars a year tuition or wait a bit and pay 1380. That is what we are talking about. With all the tax im paying to cAlifornia, I dont want to pay out of state fees. She arrived here in Sept. So if that counts as start of residency, won’t be long before she can go to school at resident rates.

Its a state owned school. We should be paying resident fees, not out of state. I am not in agreement with that.

[quote=“tommy525”]10,000 dollars a year tuition or wait a bit and pay 1380. That is what we are talking about. With all the tax im paying to cAlifornia, I don’t want to pay out of state fees. She arrived here in Sept. So if that counts as start of residency, won’t be long before she can go to school at resident rates.

Its a state owned school. We should be paying resident fees, not out of state. I am not in agreement with that.[/quote]

Ok, yes, that is a stupidly large difference and worth waiting.

Eh, she is a college graduate, with a low intermediate level of English. Helpless she is not, nor bored yet. This is the honeymoon period, when exploring and having fun and sharing good memories is more important. There is plenty of time for classes -which she must be fed up anyways if she just graduated.

She is like one class away from her (possibly not very useful) Indonesian degree. Shes trying to finish it up online. Told her to finish that up before she came but she slacked off a wee bit. Too many mall visits.

Going to nite school for something like 5 years straight, plus working everyday back in Indo. Im not surprised shes happy with a break from all that.

But being over here, she has a chance to get an AA pretty cheaply. And hopefully get into Berkeley and get that degree (again on the relatively cheap, being a resident).

Wish I had the money of those TWnese that send their kids over here to Berk at 50,000 grand a year with tuition and room and board.

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Whopper made another trip to SFO yesterday to send off his mommie on her latest trip back home to Jakarta. She arrived safely just a while ago after a long journey.

Back home for 3 weeks R and R. Shes pleased.

p.s. a little tip for those flying transpac. Apparently a lot of airlines (Singapore Airlines in this case ) allow economy passengers to check in TWO suitcases (with each not to exceed 23kg).

We had three small bags. Each one the size of a carry on. But due to her multiple sectors she wanted to NOT take any onboard except for one small and light backpack. But we could not check in 3 pieces, without paying Excess luggage of over 200 dollars.

The check in clerk advised us to get it wrapped. So we wrapped two of them as one and that was ok.

The wrap job was 9 bucks per piece and to wrap two into one meant 2 x 9 bucks.

I don’t know why its allowed though because what if they want to check your luggage? I guess they can easily cut the tape.

p…s had a nice beer and yak session with Chris this afternoon at the pyramid ale house. A super nice place for a perfect beer. Chris is from here and its right in his backyard practically.

Back home for 3 weeks R and R. Shes pleased.[/quote]
Yep, bet she really needs some R and R to recover from her life of R and R in San Francisco. :doh:

I think you’re too easy on her; she not working yet Tommy?

Back home for 3 weeks R and R. Shes pleased.[/quote]
Yep, bet she really needs some R and R to recover from her life of R and R in San Francisco. :doh:

I think you’re too easy on her; she not working yet Tommy?[/quote]

LOL, yeah I know. LIfes a Beach right now for her. She can’t study yet because I refuse to pay 200 extra dollars per credit at the local DVC college, until she becomes a resident next March. But at least this trip shes going to finish up her indo degree so we can leapfrog into a masters hopefully with this and not have to deal with 4 years in a US college? So its saving money. She will need engerish lessons at DVC though.

And she blew the budget for getting a cheap car on a lease , for awhile, with her two indo trips this year ! So she cant learn how to drive just yet. I have a stick shift with a heavy clutch on my car and that is too much for a newbie to handle. One that weighs 90 pounds that is.

And most any job requires her to drive to/from . Am looking for a starbucks or other simple job nearby she can bus to. We have very limited bus service and it aint like jakarta where she can take a cab.

Buses dont even run on weekends in our little part of suburbia !! We are five mins from a huge mall and yet we are in hicksville. Seriously they raise cattle just five mins drive from us in the other direction.

So choices are limited currently. At least she is doing her part by keeping the house shipshape and doing the domestic chores. Much appreciated.

I do want to get her in engerish classes and get her mobile with a cheap car lease in the very near future though.

Hi there tommy, I just wanted to thank you for keeping everybody current. I find your posts to be very relaxing but also entertaining and informative. I think it’s wonderful you’ve found someone with such a great heart. My own wife also has a soft spot for animals. We had ferrets for many years, and she hugged them every night and missed them terribly when we’d go on vacation. I think you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat animals.

Thanks GBH. Yes I am always wary of those people who dislike animals. Ferrets eh? I heard they can be great pets but quite a handful. They are illegal to own in CAlif though. Apparently they can inflict some serious bites (but of course so can cats). And yes my wife is a real sweetie. I am very lucky to have her. Don’t know what she sees in me :slight_smile:

It is so funny. For months after my now wife arrived in Sept of last year she and my cat were at odds with each other. I’d come home from work and they would be in separate corners of the living room. She not speaking to him and he glaring at her.

She always “wanted her OWN cat”, that was her mantra. I kept saying “here, this IS your cat, love him and he will respond”.

The cat was her only friend when I was at work and yet they couldn’t come to terms with each other.

The last time she went back in Feb, she started to miss the little guy and he started to feel that having her around at home was a lot better then being alone all day. Because I work long hours and am away for most of the day. Sometimes from 8am until 10pm. Then when i do come home, I want to do my own thing , and didn’t pay him a lot of attention.

CAt people know that cats do require a lot of handling and attention. No less then dogs do . Don’t be mistaken.

After she came back from her last trip she and the cat started to bond with each other. No more talk of “i want my OWN CAT”. AND he started to gravitate more towards her then me.

He was always very close to me except for the first few months when I first got him.

Now? He would rather hang out with her then with me. He has certainly started to become HER cat.

The ride to SFO this time he was protesting as usual. He does not like car rides. But coming back he may have been depressed as he was largely quiet. And the first 48 hours he certainly seemed down. Just very quiet and sleeping much of the day. Refusing to go out for walks, whereas he used to demand them. Behavior changes definitely indicated a stressed out cat.

But last nite my wife and him had a nice hour long FACETIME. Seriously he was in front of the ipad and watching her and listening to her. Largely not responding. An occasional meow but he stayed put. Cept later turned around to show her his butt. haha.

But since their talk he has become more cheerful and now eating regularly and going on walks.

The little guy was depressed being away from his mommie.

And now when she calls and i put her on speaker, he comes running from the other side of the room to rub the fone with his face. Very cute.

Cats are cool !! (dogs are as well)

Meantime shes having a really good time back home in INDO. Meeting up with her many buds, and family. EAting her fav grub at her fav places. There aint nothing like home .

But i imagine like last time in about 3 weeks she will be ready to jet back.

Meantime, its pretty awesome when life is a BEACH ! She’s having a blast back in INDO

Shes doing some sort of presentation on the 28th with 3 teachers in order to finish her degree. Wishing her luck. Shes only just started studying hard the last few days though on her presentation. She’s been busy doing a trip to bandung by train and eating all the foods famous there, with her buds.

She had to put together a 400 page thesis into a book form. 4 copies for 32 bucks, not bad i guess.

I told her she cant come back till she finishes this degree :slight_smile: . Shes on her second trip back and it better get done this time. She was supposed to get it done last time.

Meantime, she went to this pizzeria last nite in Jakarta. Seems quite good. But stay away from the wine. She said she had a glass for 17 dollars and that was the cheapest. CRAZY. I can understand 7 bucks a glass (that’s what is charged here for normal , not super high end stuff) but 17???

Lucky her former roomie treated her, but STILL insane for a glass of wine. For me it would have to be something that costs normally 100 dollars plus a bottle.

pizzamarzano.co.id/our-food/ … rant-menu/

Tommy, now that you have some distance between you and can have some time to yourself to think. have you reassessed your feelings on whether she is “for real” especially since the sex stopped ? I am trying not to be judgmental, but when you said that it did start the old warning bells ringing again.

Everything is humming along swimmingly . NO worries. Still getting more sex then I was when I was single so fine there too.

How much is a glass of wine over in Spain at a normal restaurant?

Its bout 5 to 7/glass here normally for house wine.

NOt for Opus one though