Tandem bike


im looking for a tandem bicycle. anyone know where i can buy one in taichung?thanks.

many many factories in taichug make tandems. i would suggest hitting the local bike shops and asking.

hope you have a big house, tandems are tough to store! :slight_smile:

thanks awol i will check some bike shops out. I tried Carrefour and some main street bike shops but i couldn’t see any. i might have to order.

We bought a KHS tandom a few years ago in Taiwan. They made three models: one crappy one for the local market and the others a steel and alluminum framed model for the international market.

Visit the KHS website. I think the model is called Tandemania.

If you talk to a bike shop they maybe able to order one in for you. We were in contact with the manufacturing facility who helped us get the model we wanted. I’ll have a look at home and se if we still have the number.

BTW The bikes are good. We rode ours from Vancouver to Toronto (5000kms) without any problems.

I was in Kaoshiung at the weekend and saw a folding tandem in a bike shop on the road from the olde temple down to the beach. Seems like this would save the space saving problem.

Sorry I didn’t see who manufactured it though, as I didn’t have time to stop.

Anyone in KS care to check this out?

Although you are in Taichung, I’ll mention that tandems are normally at all of the bike rental places located along the rivers in Taipei. If you have any bike rental places like that, might want to stop in and ask. Might even pick up a used one for a decent price that way.