Tao-Yuan, Chung-Li mountain roads

Hello, I have 6 years of riding experience in Taiwan :happybiker: , mainly in the mountains east of Tao-yuan county. If you’d like someone to introduce these roads to you than feel free to PM me. If you’d like to do a long trip than be prepared to get up early. But I know of some nice roads with little traffic and no back-tracking that you would only need an hour or two to see.

Even my Taiwanese friends have called on me to lead them on trips into the mountains. And I do some riding with local scooter clubs as well.

I’ve met some foreigners that have been here over a year…and they still think Taiwan is an ugly country because they haven’t been into the mountains yet. Don’t let that be you.

Do you accept people in cars?

I have a car as well, but I’ve never driven it in the mountains…and don’t plan on it. I can probably lend you a bike if you don’t have one.

thanks for the offer… but you better teach me how to ride a bike before we head up there.

Damn. I would have loved to do this. :frowning: