Taoyuan Meetngreet tonight

No. 8, Xinbu 7th Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 330

I was here the other night and it is really nice. Craft IPAs on tap. Very hipster cool.

I plan on going over again tonight. just saying.


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Wish I could.

looks like a nice place.

even better if it was right down my street.


Man even Taoyuan has craft beer these days? Looks good. Taiwan has come a long way. I think I’ll be fine.

See you there!

Due for a good hip filleting-cum-replacement, so in the States at this time. Would def take high speed rail up (and back) and be there otherwise!

I had to read that like four times…you do you and take care.


I’ll try to limp down to El Arroyo this weekend and snap a pic of the sign. It’s just a bit south of my airbnb here in Austin.


Can we do this somewhere civilized next time? Banqiao if you guys all live in the depts of Taipei County.

I’m all over the place. I just happen to be in Taoyuan right now.

I’m going to try Taipei City next weekend and see what happens…but hell will freeze over b4 I go willingly to

:smiley: :runaway:

OK, I’m going to eat and then head over about 7.

Cisgender white guy with a fresh haircut and a book on Hiroshima. :nerd_face:

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What pronouns do you prefer?


Sorry, jd, I know you’re going to be heartbroken, but something unforeseen has come up, and I can’t make it. :heart:

I’m largely indifferent, but I have strategies in place. Enjoy your plans.

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Sweet. I’m obligated to go down to Gaoshuing next weekend, then a stupid wedding the weekend after, but a Christmas forumosa meetup would be fun.

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You’ve done well there. A totally new spelling.


Well, that was fun. Watched some baseball with some of the local guys. Just a great choice of beers on tap but damn…the old grey mare ain’t what it used to be. 3 half pints and I’m done. :grandpa:


I am in love with this bar.

Baseball. Locals who show every night. Friendly and courteous staff and new drinks on tap regularly.

And they are willing to learn. They now know what Belvedere vodka is and how gd good it is.

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That reminds me of a country song that a girl I dated (dated maybe over stating) really liked. At least at least I hope it was a girl.