🚶 Taoyuan | Places to go hiking in and around Taoyuan City

I’m currently living in Taoyuan City for a year (near the Arts Plaza), and I like to go hiking on the weekend or whenever I have time. My go-to place is Hutoushan as it’s close and I can ride my bike there, but I’ve also explored places in Nankang and Yingge recently.

I’m looking for some nice hikes, especially with scenic views, that I can get to easily by bike or train. Anyone got any suggestions? Closer to Taoyuan is preferable, but I’m also willing to travel a bit if I have the time.

First that comes to mind is Yuanshan in Sanxia:

If you can get to it, Wuliaojian is a very thrilling and special hike, has great views also. Best to avoid after rain though.


This is a pleasant walk, but not much of scenic views. Also on the map you can see Baishishan, which is a bit deeper in the mountains, the white rocks are worth going there, though.

You can walk all along the ridge there and of course also visit Shimen Reservoir.

I highly recommend checking out this blog:

Very detailed descriptions of easy to walk trails all over the place, including Taoyuan.


Here are a couple of places that I like, not far from downtown Taoyuan and accessible by bus/bike:

五酒桶山步道 Wu Jiu Tong trail

羊稠森林步道 Yang Chou Keng trail

I really like this series of trails on the Taoyuan/New Taipei border. I don’t think there are nearby buses, but you could bike to it:

百年大榕樹/圳頭山 100-Year Banyan Tree/Zhen Tou Shan trail

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Yeah, lot of easy trails between Shulin, Guishan, and Yingge.