Tapioca beer

Even I who do not drink beer say whaaat?!


I think they should turn that title around.

I don’t drink bubble tea, (too many carbs) but I might try the beer.

“iBEER LE SUN PALM” just the name is already a big turn-off.

An absolute travesty nobody thought of the name ‘Bubble Beer’

Missed opportunity.

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Seriously, guys, this is a commercial hit. Remember Japan is the ideal test market.

These beers were definitely taking tapioca to the next level, with plain, strawberry, pineapple and kiwi fruit varieties on offer. We decided to go with the plain, and when it arrived, we couldn’t tear our eyes away from its beauty.


I reckon tapioca sider would be better than beer.

For crazy stuff!

Eh Japanese customers are very demanding and knowledgeable.

That would help explain why Japanese products are of a reliably high quality.

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Beer and tapioca needs knowledge?

Taste, great taste.

Tapioca sounds so nice and benign. They should use a real description and call it

Sugarballs Beer.


What an invention! Combine some third rate fruit syrup enriched barley juice with tapioca balls and viola, success!

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I’ll wait for 釋迦 beer, thanks

When I saw the thread title I assumed it was beer brewed from tapioca starch.

If you google it, there are actually a few mixers that involve tapioca balls. Not convinced combining a choking hazard with alcohol is a smart idea.

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In Taiwan you need to be 18 to drink that. Tapioca beer is dumb, how many would/could you actually drink, party all night? But, you don’t need snacks, it’s food and drink.