Tattoo artist Taipei

Anyone know a decent Tattoo artist in Taipei area That does not break the bank ? Why are tattoos so much more expensive than back in North America?
Thanks for any recommendations in advance

You’re not worried about quality?

I follow a bunch on IG but they cost thousands and have a waiting list of months or even a year.

It’s just the way it is I guess. Anything to do with cars is also expensive like getting it washed and waxed compared to back home.

I went to some places around Chungshiao. A really small tattoo was being quoted at $15,000 NT. Surely there are places where one can get quality at a fair price ?
I got a tattoo before in Taiwan (rather large one covering my calf that is of excellent quality for $10,000) . But he was Malaysian Taiwanese and went back to Malaysia

My buddy got some work done here and the prices were not crazy. It is in Sanchong

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Thank you