Tattoos / tattoo / tattoing in Taiwan

Hello ppl… I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tattoo parlors located in Taipei, Taichung or elsewhere in Taiwan. Me and my “twin” are wanting to get one but i cant seem to find anything online… Any help would be great! :smiley: :slight_smile: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to Xi Men Ding. Lots of places on Zhong Hua road. Yesterday I saw a shop on Ba De road. West of the Core Pacific Mall and across the street.

This guy looks pretty good.

Don’t get a tat here. The quality and workmanship is far behind established standards. Remember that up to just several years ago, the only people who got them were gangsters and these were far from the exquisite works of art available in other parts of the world today.
Unless you want a Cindy Crawford mole only, save your money for a country with better established tat traditions and experience.

There are some real tatoo masters here though, who do not strole around Ximending, but it seems like you have to wait several weeks to get an appointment with them…

I still beg to differ. Some are competent, but not masters. This is not a Captain Crunch cerial sticker here we are talking about getting.
Unless the poster wants a tat from every place he stops…like a traveling salesman… :laughing:

I got a simple one done in XiMenDing last year by a guy on a second floor…sorry I can’t be more help than that…but he was a master…he had apprentices coming from the mainland to train with him…his photos were pretty stellar as well…I think I am gonna have him do a major one for me…

My avatar is one of my tats…however…it was done in Montreal…


I recently saw a documentary on the tatoo ink causing cancer, but I’m sure you guys alread know what…

Have been thinking about getting one since I came here. I wanted to get one here so I can feel like I am connected to my home land. But the sound of that thingy just scare me to death. Also, I couldn’t find a design I like it…

maybe I will end up getting one of those grocery bar code on my arm so whenever i go to the supermarket I can see how much I am worth to Taiwan… :unamused:

“I’m gettin’ a tattoo now
I’m gettin’ ink done.
I asked for a 13
But he drew a 31…”

Hey y’all…just met a groovy American guy…His name is Steve and he is a Master tattoo artist . He also lives in Taichung. You can call him at 0912-601-771. Tell him Toe sent ya so I can get some free ink. :wink:

He has also said he’d make the trip up to Taipei if I could get a group of people together for some block appointments. PM me if you are interested. Watch this thread as I will post some pics of his work soon.

Hmmm, i have seen a lot of tatoo parlors here in taichung. I’m not sure if you’re looking for something in particular.
Anyway i know two easy to find tattoo parlors. One is in shuang shi road, in taichung city. Another is also in downtown taichung, on first square. Its sort of a mall. Actually there’s a lot more. I could drive by the place if you’re still looking for it and give you the exact address. :wink:

Are there any tattoo parlours in Taipei that actually are and look hygienic? The ones I’ve seen around Hsimen really look like they should be avoided at all cost.

I’ve seen a decent-looking place near the Zhongxiao/Fuxing SOGO. I can’t remember exactly, but if you wander around the lanes east/west between Fuxing, Civil, Zhongxiao and Tunhua you’ll come across it. I hope memory serves…

i know of a great tattoo artist who did my phoenix…inevitably with quality comes price.
are you looking for something detailed? or something simplistic?
This artist is located near Ding Xi MRT…
check out some of his works:

let me know if you are interested and i can provide further details…

This one is great! Taiwan T-shirt gibberish, but permanent! :laughing:

Does anyone know where there is a tattoo parlor that is clean and not too expensive? I’m sure someone here has gotten a tat here in taiwan right?
all the places i’ve went to so far appear to be owned by Taiwan gangsters and the prices they were asking for were sick. :loco:
Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated!

sorry…my fault. i forgot to add that i was talking about tattoo parlors located in Taichung…not island wide! :blush:

I remember reading an article in Taiwanfun about a famous tattoo artist in Taiwan. He had a Canadian apprentice. Can’t rememeber if it was Kaohsiung or Taichung. Check out

Steve in TaiChung…he has a banner rotating thru here on Forumosa and I know it’s linked to a thread with his details…don’t forget to tell him u heard of him thru the mighty 'umosa…

Try search with words like…hmmmm…taichung and tattoo???

Slightly off topic, I read that an American actress, Angelina Jolie, recently travelled to Bangkok to get a tattoo at the hand of a very famous tattoo artist there.

Anybody know anything about that artist?

Who would be so famous as to attract a young, American Hollywood actress halfway around the globe, to Bangkok?