TaTung Senior High school

Ni Hao!

like some of you might already know, I’M leavin Canada in August to study in Taiwan for a year. I just found out in which school i’ll be going, Ta Tung senior high school in down town Taipei, if any of your heard about that school please make me know. I want to find out more, but since the website is in chinese I don’t undertsand anything and sometimes my pc doesn’t even accept the characters… I was looking for some pics and some infos about the school in general. I thought you might know since most of you are teaching English. I was also wondering if any of you live in downtown Taipei… coz that’s where I’ll be living and even though I’ll be living with host families… it will be a big change since I’m used of my little town of 3500 inhabitants! So you you have tips or information to give me, feel free to contact me by email: valland@hotmail.com

thanks! c ya and take care!


You have posted this message in three places. There is a forum called “Teaching in Taiwan” - please only post there!