Tavern for football, Brass Monkey for rugby?

I’m just wondering if this is the case? I’m not trying to slag anywhere, and I’m sorry if it comes off like that.

On Saturday, I went to the Tavern to meet some friends, eat some St Patrick’s Day buffet, and watch the Ireland rugby game against Italy, which was hopefully going to win us the Six Nations championship (Ireland’s most important game for several years). You would think that since it was St Paddy’s day (which the Tavern-Premier was promoting), and since this was such an important game for Ireland, it would be on at least ONE of the 50 or so screen they have there, but no, I had to ask permission for it to be put on one screen in the corner. Don’t get me wrong, the staff were happy enough to put it on when I asked. I was just dissappointed that ONE SINGLE football match (Man U) was on EVERY screen in the whole place, bar one down the back, where someone had obviously asked to see the cricket. Seriously, what is the point of having 50 screens and showing the same game on all of them?

I turned down an invitation to watch the rugby at the Brass Monkey. I won’t make that mistake again.

If you like football (especially Man U), then I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the Tavern. By all means go. The buffet was great, btw.

yeah unfortunately the locals that follow man yoo cos they are too unoriginal to pick a lesser team (come on ye fulham) gather en masse at the tavern for those games…

to be fair its hard for sports bars to get it right when you have competing games and codes on but rule of thumb…always the monkey for rugby; it is the home of the baboons after all…

mind you you should have been watching the cricket…thrashing pakistan was one of the great irish achievements of all time!!

Having been to both places numerous times to watch mainly rugby, and the odd game of football,
I would have to concur that I find the atmosphere at the BM for watching rugby to be my preference.
Not sure exactly why, but I do think everyone watching the Big screen brings it all together and it tends to get pretty rowdy which adds to it all.
However, I think if I was going to watch a game of football, I’d probably head to the tavern as that is where I have noticed many Brits/Euros go to watch a football game, so a rowdy atmosphere is probably more favorable to the round ball.

Horses for courses perhaps. Take the middle ground !
A few weeks ago found me happily watching Man Utd v. Liverpool live in My Place in Shuang Cheng St. in The Zone. On the next screen ( there are many) down the bar a few people were watching a SA Club Rugby game. On one of the large screens England were playing cricket.
The pub was full, no rowdiness. More importantly to me the draught beer costs 100 NT !

Yow pays yer money, teks yow choice!

Yep! The Tavern is the mecca of footie fans in Taipei. Although for a quiet pint while watching the football, Saints n Sinners aint too bad. Unless the girls are going dancing later and decide to turn the match off with 10 mins to go (only happened once in 3 years to be fair).

Actually it does remind me of watching the Sevens at the BM earlier this year. I can’t remember if it was December or Jan, but there was about 4 or 5 of us faithfuls who started watching from about 2.30pm when doors opened. Just before the Semis, there was a extended commercial break and then suddenly the big screen went up! Despite our pleading that it wasn’t over, the girl insisted that according to ‘the schedule’ it WAS infact over and couldn’t be told there were 3 more games. We settled for one of the smaller screens until THEY were switched to something else also, then we left… :unamused:
But, the only bad experience in 3 years of Rugby at the BM. Actually, one time twe lost the signal for a few minutes, and Max shouted a round on the house. They were still being delivered when we were back in business…brilliant!

But which pub shows THE GRAND NATIONAL ?

My money is on Hedgehunter although he is carrying a lot of weight he has made the trip before. A good EW at 16’s.

Where to go for rugby football then? :ponder: