Tax certificate after filing taxes ONLINE

How did you get your tax certificate after you filed your taxes online?

Go to your local branch of the national tax office.

Local branch regarding my ARC address or where I worked during that tax period?

try local branch connected to ARC.
If in Taipei, go to the main office for foreigners’ tax filing on the corner of Chung Hwa Road and Chunghsiao West Road. They are the best and most helpful.

Been phoning around, seeing who can print it for me. Beitou office is the closest to my address on my ARC (Tamsui). They gave another number to phone. Phoned them, they told me I paid taxes to the Taoyuan government so I need to go to the Zhongli branch (close to where I work) and they will print it.

When I filed online at the Zhongli branch, he told me I can get the tax certificate in New Taipei City.

So next step, phone the Zhongli tax branch and ask them WTF am I meant to do.

Any branch of the national tax office should do. Income taxes are not paid to cities, but to the national tax office. The data is shared among the branches, so it’s just a matter of keying in your info and printing it on a fancy sheet of pastel blue paper.

Sooo, the Zhongli tax office said he didn’t know I recently moved and because I lived in Zhongli during 2018, the Zhongli office can print it out for me no problemo.

So I went to Zhongli where I filed my taxes and he clicked print and printed it out.
I have no idea why he told me I need to go to New Taipei City to get it when I filed my taxes in May.

I ticked the box to request one during the process and it came in the post many months later.

Ahh he did it on his computer for me at the tax office, didn’t even know there was that option.

I am just glad I got it. He asked me why I want this piece of paper and I said I need it for my APRC application next year.

Is it possible to get a previous year’s tax certificate online, or must it be done in person?