Tax question (getting taxed 18% from my paychecks)

Hello, I’ve been working in Taiwan since last year. My job started taxing me 6% once I started working. I was working roughly 27+ hours until about 3 months ago. I had to take off for a month due to some personal issues, but I came back to work after, but with less hours than before , which was fine for me. I went from working 27+ hours to 13-18 hours a week However, I noticed I was getting taxed 18% from my paychecks , which is pretty hefty since I am making substantially a lot less than before. I’ve read the tax law, but I am still a bit confused. I hoping someone could elaborate on my given situation. I’ve been in Taiwan longer than 183 days.

You haven’t been in Taiwan longer than 183 days this year. The count resets every year. You’ll switch back to 6% next month.

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