Tax refund and resignation

Hello, If anyone have idea about this.

I graduated here in taiwan July2020 then extend my visa for a year. On January 1st 2021 I got my first job here in Taiwan (Contract Duration January 1st to July 31) my tax currently is 18%. But I am planning to resign on first week of July to render my 183days. But still planning to stay in Taiwan and extend my visa then stay for a month or two then leave.

If I resign early like mid of June then stay here for more than a month. Can I still get a tax return before I leave?
or how they will deduct my tax after 183 days. the total of 6months tax 5%-6% or they deduct each month?

You can get a rebate. But they don’t pay till August first. Also go and file right away.

Hello, Tomorrow I will file my resignatin and make as july 3rd as my last day. Will it count as 183 days rule here in taiwan??

Resignation (or not) has nothing to do with the 183 day rule.

The 183 day rule has to do with the number of days (excluding day of arrival, but including day of departure) that you have spend in Taiwan during the calendar year.


Now, I understrand clearly. The HR and I have misunderstanding. I see .
If I am going to file my resignation on july 3rd.
Then I am planning to extend my ARC for 6months and leave around August can I still file my tax straight after my resignation even thou I have valid ARC for 6months