Tax Refund for 2008-2009


I have been awaiting my tax return from last year from outside Taiwan. I only write to see if others have received their tax returns from the income they made last year in Taiwan. If not, when do expect to receive the money?

xie xie

Not sure how it works now, but when I changed addresses from the one I used when I filed, I got my tax return when I went in to file the next year. I complained about not receiving it and the assistant looked through a stack of returns that was at least 4 inches thick. Mine was there. If you use direct deposit, you might make a call and inquire.

Sorry, but I haven’t received an answer for this question. Just thought someone could give me some insight.

got the letter in the mail yesterday, got the check at the office today. seeing the looks on the hundred people waiting in line to file was pretty comical.

Thanks for the follow-up.