Tax Refund

I want to know how long it normally takes to get a tax refund. I have heard various answers, including almost a year. This posses a problem for me, which leads me to my next question, I will move soon, I will change counties. Who do I contact to change my address so that my refund comes to the right place? I did my taxes the beginning of March and I am still waiting. I’m afraid if I move and if it comes to this address my old landlords will not send it to me.

Also I have heard one person tell me before that they were supposed to get a refund, but they never got it, and when they called the tax buearu they told them too bad. What are the legal options to solve this?


I filed my taxes a day before deadline on March 31st and I received a notification to come and collect my refund on the 4th of June. I think if you are leaving earlier you can put in a request to expedite the returns process.