Tax return 2012?

So I’ve been stressed out thinking I absolutely must find a job by July 3, in order to get the tax refund. But my friend here in Taichung says she is pretty sure that if i’m not here enough days this year, i’ll get the extra tax I pay this year back after the end of 2011, as long as I stay until then. Is that right?

I don’t think you even need to worry about that, as long as you’re in Taiwan, working or not, it goes toward your 6 months-ish time you have to be here during the year. You have to be here, not work here for that time, if I read things right.

Oh really? Can anyone else confirm that? I definitely was under the impression it was only time employed that was counted.

Time in country. One year I was almost denied that tax refund thing and had to pay full fare, until I remembered the 10 day vacation I took in January to come here to see my SO. Those 10 days pushed me over the 183 day limit and I got the full refund.

Its physical presence in Taiwan that counts for your 183 days in country. I read that the day you arrive does not count and so the day you leave . So you have to subtract those days.

FAIK you wont get back any money for previous years where you dont qualify as a resident.

So for example in 2010 tax year if you dont qualify as a resident and end up paying 20pct flat tax with no exemptions, reductions and all that. You will not get any of that money back in your 2011 tax year when you did qualify as a resident. Its assessed year by year.

Very cool, thanks so much. Nice to know I can afford to be a bit discriminating in the job search then! :discodance: