Tax withholding rate after getting a new ARC?

I will be leaving for Canada for a 2 week vacation in August, 2002. I will be switching jobs come September, 2002.

What I’m wondering is the following: if I have to go and get another ARC, meaning cancel my recent one, and reapply, will I then be subject to the 6 months of 20% tax taken off my cheques? or will it continue to be 4%? Any help would be great!

The status of whether or not you have an ARC has no bearing on whether you are a “resident” for income tax purposes. Those are two different things.

Hence, as far as the tax authorities are concerned, it does not matter whether you keep your old ARC, get a new one, or come and go on a tourist visa. If you are inside the ROC area for over 183 days in any one fiscal year, you qualify for the lower withholding rate.

Is this really the case? I know that I read this on the tax form and arranged my time in Taiwan accordingly, but when I went to the Tax office in May, the lady informed me that it was not the time that I had been in Taiwan that year that was counted, but only the days from the date that my ARC was issued.

My ARC was issued on 30 June and because I had left the country a few times between then and the end of the year, according to her I had not spent 183 days.

Fortunately this was resolved by a fax from my employer stating that they had applied for the ARC previous to this date.

Who told you this? Which tax office? Can you give me a name and an address?

If you don’t agree with what the lady at the tax office tells you, go the next day, speak to someone different and keep doing this until you get a response you can live with. It used to work for me.

[Moderator’s note: This post is apparently intended to be sarcastic . . . . ]