Taxi for 5?

Anybody got a number for a taxi which can take more than 4 passengers (legally)?

Looking for some kind of mini-van or the like so ‘my family of 5’ (guests staying at my place) can move around. Should be a metered taxi, not rental etc.


I think it’s just plain illegal to take more than 4 people in a taxi. In NZ they have taxi-vans that can take 9 or 10. Don’t know why they don’t do that here. Taxis that are not part of a big comapny will often take 5 if you ask, but one person will have to duck down to hide form the police. It’s a real hassle that difficult number 5.


I occasionally see one of those London taxis – the 5-seater Hackney “black cabs” with three on the back seat and two jump seats facing them – but they appear to be private cars, not taxis.
Anyway, there are so many taxis on the streets here that its not really a problem to just get two, is it?

Yeah, I thought of that, too, but it’s a big happy family and they would like to go together in one cab.
Otherwise they could just take one taxi and put the 5-year old in the boot (aka trunk) … :wink:

Really, no taxi-vans around town? :?

So, there we have another business idea: Maxi-taxi company.

And I get the commission! :wink: