Does anyone has experience with this portal https://www.teacherhorizons.com/

What are the basic requirements to be an activated teacher there? Their response is very vague and any insights will be helpful. I have teaching credential (through alternate route) and have many years of experience teaching science.

Thank you all in advance.

It does say “a full teaching qualification”. By alternative, do you mean you did it through some sort of hodgepodge of student teaching a certain number of hours in a random school and also passed the requisite tests? or is it a sub license?

Define “a full teaching qualification”. In some parts of the world it is not possible for a cook to get a teaching credential by joining teaching program that dishes out certification. I have met some like that.

Yes, I did an alternate pathway from US, which clearly states “our licence is valid in many states” and have X many years of teaching experience. What is the GOLD STANDARD here? A person with bachelors plus state certification has better knowledge and understanding about the subject than one with highest degree and some form of certification from US institute that claim their license is valid in many states. Some even have certification in special needs and teach normal kids in many international schools in Asia. But again that’s considered as state certified! :slight_smile:

“Gold standard” here is white skin and hopefully an eye color other than brown. I’ve yet to have a school care about my qualifications (State license in teaching Chinese and ESL, near native fluency in Chinese, Masters in Ed, Montessori Elementary) other than for the sake of bragging about how highly qualified I am. I have repeatedly found out that non-native English speakers with no teaching experience to speak of have been offered the same or even higher salaries than me, and I myself am a white woman with blue eyes.

@nz How is it even possible if you are falling within the “Gold Standard”? My experience is just the opposite of yours. Anyway, thank you for your reply and try your luck on “teacher horizon” may be you will be approved as an “activated teacher”… I went through their Twitter page and their “gold standards” are obvious.

Let’s not deviate from my topic - any “activated” teachers from “teacher horizon” on the island? Please share your experience here. Thank you.

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Jesus, the activated makes it sound like they have Jason Bourne types in place ready to wreak havoc.


Came here to post this but you beat me to it. Sounds a bit like either a sleeper cell or a cult. OP might have dodged a bullet on this one. :rofl:

oh yes, at least that is the impression I got from their reply… “Activated” Pu

PS: I mean Plutonium

Received another redundant email from the teacher horizon after writing to their [info@teacherhorizons.com] handle.

@nz If you try it out, please let me know what they have to say about your candidacy!

I’d suggest applying directly to schools, though any international school worth working at will have hired for this coming year already (like in November or so of last year)

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@nz I fully agree with you, but also I want to understand what the teacher horizon’s requirement are (curious) and response would be for you since you have that “Gold Pass” (thank your Deoxyribonucleic Acid! :slight_smile:) plus your qualifications.

Try it out, even though it is experimental! No $$ to loose …

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Curious if you want a Montessori job. Send me a PM.

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I am surprised to see not many of you are aware of this website and also I didn’t get any reasonable explanation from them about my questions.

If anyone gets “LUCKY” to get your account “ACTIVATED” please share with me your journey on teacher horizon’s expectations/requirements. Thank you.