Teacher's union/ school finder booth at CKS idea

i’ve been bitching, but nobody’s been listening. have a booth at CKS. we meet teachers FOB. interview, and screen. good teacher, we take him into taipei, get him a trei ma ma apartment, starts work tomorrow. good salary, good school for a good teacher. only good schools work with us. take a fair cut.

this could work. any investors?

This is not investing. It is adventure capitalism. And that is risky.

That would be “starts work tomorrow illegally without a valid residency permit, work permit and ARC”?

The best booth idea out at CKS would be a ‘renew your visa without actually leaving the island’ booth.

They could charge 5000nt a shot and people would line up for it every 60 days or whatever.

Ummm…doesn’t that sound awfully like pimping?

Ummm…doesn’t that sound awfully like pimping?[/quote]

Well, you know, the OP did say he needed some investors. I guess it really is hard out there for a pimp.

okay maybe not the next day. but we could get the ball rolling right away.