Teaching at a private schools

I’m thinking of getting out of the cram school ‘scene’ and try to get into a private high/elementary school the next time my contract runs out. I was wondering what the general consensus is on working at these private schools.

Working in the evening is starting to get on my nerves so I’m looking for something that will occupy my days.

I heard that the salaries are generally pretty decent (40,000-60,000) and the hours are during the day. Maybe I’m totally misinformed… it’s possible. It wouldn’t be the first time. Help!


If you’ve got a teaching certificate on top of your BA, let me know. I’m at a private elementary school that’ll be advertising for three new teachers next semester. Salary depends on exp and ed etc. The CELTA or TOEFL is a must though. Salary around $70k, medical, month paid leave.

quote[quote] I heard that the salaries are generally pretty decent (40,000-60,000) [/quote]

That’s decent??? Might be a better environment than buxiban/kindergarten, but you’re earning half as much.


Hey Bri,

You know it is feasble to make $100K NT per month if you work a kindergarden in the morning and teach at a buxiban in the afternoon and evening and then teach privates the rest of the time.

Hey I don’t know about you, but that type of senario is not in the least appealing. I don’t live to work and my girlfriend gets a little miffed when i book my schedule like that. So there are somethings that are worth more that a bit of cash. That’s what i meant about getting out of that ‘scene’.

So you make a little less. It is really about raising your quality of life.


Good advice, Bolster, though if you’re prepared to work like a mule for a short-term period (say, 6 months) and then take a break to recharge (say, on the sunny beach of another country with a cold-one in the hand), that sort of schedule might suit you.

Quality of life is an important factor if you want to avoid going “troppo”. Even studying Chinese comes into the equation, as you’re effectively excluding a block of working hours from your schedule (it’s worth between $30-40K/month)!

A 40 hour week will get you the 100K. People always say that’s way too much, but it’s about the same as an office job back home and less than many office jobs here.

Of course I can appreciate the other extreme. For a long time I worked three hours every morning and lived quite comfortably on the 40K or so from that.


A 40 hour week will get you the 100K.

Lets put things in perspective. The 40 hour week must be morning at a private school and the make up ours at a buxiban, yeah.

I’d love to hear where you could get office hours at $100k. Add on top of that health, 1 month off and sick days. Who do I call?

Yeah, of course, there’s no paid leave etc, but on the other hand there is very little tax either.

Also, of course this isn’t 9-5, but then again most friends I’ve had who have done other jobs like technical editing, workign office hours, had their fair share of late nigths too. As for me, I’m finished by 6, except for two days where I go til 9 and 4 hours on Sat, so it’s not TOO different from office hours, except that I get 2 hour lunch breaks (and I work right near my house, so it’s a real break). I think better schedules and pay than what I’m getting can be had too.


Bri, just a note, do you know working at a Private Elementary School means you’ll pay no tax. Private Primary School teachers are exempt.

Hmm, I just assumed that the teacher tax exemption wouldn’t be extended to foreigners. It’ll be over soon anyway apparently.


Bri, you have assumed wrong. Ist hand experience.

Bri -
Where can you get a legal job just working mornings???
Does a cert from TEFL in Thailand equate to a CELTA here?

Dawn, that’d be ok at our Private Primary School. If you’re interested let me know. Our work is full time though. We have morning work too, but no openings at present.

Who said anything about legal. I worked mornings only illegally for 6 months at a kindergarten and got 40-something thousand. I taught two 45 minute lessons, no preparation and lunch (i was paid to sit and eat with the kids). Drawbacks were that the school was shite and it was in XiZhi. Actually, although I have the BA, I worked illegally for 2 years or so out of preference - I didn’t want to be tied to a school and it was nice not paying tax.