Teaching at two schools (illegal?)

I know a lot has been said about the above, but I need to ask.

As I understand, it is illegal to work anywhere besides the school listed on your ARC. I only work in the afternoons, and would like to take a morning job (at a totally different school). Any way to do this legally?

I also read somewhere that you are allowed to work at two schools, if your ARC-sponsoring school agrees to it. But how does this sit with the government?

Surely (if it’s legal), the second school will pay your tax to the government too. They can’t take my tax and then accuse me of working illegally right? (Har, har, I hear someone laughing).

Am I being a paranoid idiot?

Ask your boss at your visa school if it’s okay to work at another school in the mornings. They’ll find some form to fill out making it a legal agreement between them and the second school. It’s legal now to work for two schools. Just make sure you get to see all the legal paperwork (don’t take their word for it - always a mistake in Taiwan) and then no worries.

I think Bassman said that they’ve changed it back and it’s not legal anymore. Who knows with that bunch of clowns? They don’t even know themselves what’s illegal and what’s not.