Teaching cert requirements for teaching at public or private schools (not buxibans) in Taiwan


I’m currently in America looking to get my teaching license before I go back to Taiwan (I taught at two cram schools before leaving to get my master’s degree). I’m wondering if anyone knows if the American Board certification (it’s one pathway to state licensure in Wisconsin but includes their own license and is a non-profit organization established by the board of education) allows a teacher to teach at public and private schools in Taiwan? I’m asking because the provincial licence i will get will only last for 5 years. so im wondering if that means ill be required to return to wisconsin to renew it after 5 years or if the american board certificate would be good enough on its own?

You can reapply for Wisconsin provincial licenses every 5 years as they expire. It’ll cost you 100 bucks or something like that and you’ll be forever at “initial educator” status, but Taiwan doesn’t care. You’d be better off getting your lifetime license if you want better pay when you return (cuz that was the smartest move they ever made for educators in Wisconsin. Not.), but that would require consistently working at the same Wisconsin school for six semesters, which means you can’t be teaching in Taiwan’s public schools during that time.

I have never heard of the American Board Certification, but if it’s some sort of nationally recognized certificate, I can’t imagine Taiwan wouldn’t accept it.

As an ESL teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience and relevant educational qualifications, I think it is best for you and your future to obtain a globally recognised teaching qualification before returning to Taiwan to teach fulltime in public schools.

I can’t say for certain but after examining the American Board website, I don’t believe their certificate alone will be sufficient for obtaining a work permit at a public or private school.

It looks like the American Board offers an alternative licensing program. If you were to stay in Wisconsin to teach, you would still need to apply to the state board of education for your official license. You could not just go into the classroom.

The American Board Certificate simply serves as proof you completed your coursework and tests for certification. It doesn’t seem to be an actual teaching certification. I would equate it to an education major at a university who graduated but never filed for their state license. Their transcript of coursework would not be sufficient to enter the classroom; they still need the license.

My advice is you would be best served by completing the program and obtaining the Wisconsin license. Check the renewal requirements. At least in Texas, I am able to renew online every five years with no need to return. However, every state has it’s own rules.

Hey guys! Thanks so much this really helped clear stuff up. I’m planning on getting my certification first and hopefully working for a year at a charter school here (one more interview left). This way I’ll have my initial license. I did consider teaching for 6 semesters first, but honestly I’m only back in the states to be with my girlfriend (who is Taiwanese) and who will finish her master’s degree soon. I want to move back to Taiwan with her so we can get married there, so I only really have a year to be here (unless more crazy virus stuff continues to happen). 100 dollars to reapply for the license every 5 years sounds reasonable to me.

Thanks again for all the help and advice!